Hot Latin Nights

Had a blast playing with my buddy and fantastic percussionist Graham Hargrove, along with the Stratford Symphony Orchestra & William Rowson, conductor. We played Graham's wonderful arrangements of works by Piazzolla, Puccini, Cardoso & Gaspar Sanz for Marimba/Vibes, Guitar & Orchestra, and threw in some Scarlatti duet arrangements for fun! Graham also brought down the house with the world premiere of his concerto Skin & Bones for Orchestra and, well, bones.
The first time Graham and I played together, we were dressed in tights and covered in stage blood and mud, busking in 15th century Fuente Ovejuna at the Avon Theatre. 7 years later, we've cleaned up as nicely as we can :) and are wearing slightly more comfortable clothes, and we're still having the time of our lives making music together!

Photo: Irene Miller

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